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For all the news in racing games this week, don't miss the weekly round-up.

In episode 15, we cover the release of NASCAR '14 from Eutechnyx, which launched just in time for the Daytona 500; a momentous motorsport occasion in the US, so I'm told. Unfortunately, though, it's not out in the UK until the end of March. So we handed it over to VVV's resident US correspondent and self-confessed NASCAR enthusiast Cody, who brought us a series of first look gameplay videos. My only gripe was was that his races were decidedly clean – after all, you can't have a NASCAR race without some sort of spectacular pileup. 

Elsewhere, the whereabouts of DriveClub remain unclear, but we think we may now have an inkling as to why Sony has remained suspiciously silent: it might just involve a peripheral that rivals a certain VR headset

Then we had the news that Sony and Microsoft are about to see a spike in controller sales after players inevitibly break them in fits of rage from playing Trials Fusion, RedLynx's next-gen debut of the easy-to-play but tricky to master physics-based bike 'em up that finally lets PlayStation owners in on the fun and pain. 

And if you fancy burning a gaping hole into your wallet, look no further than the Lamborghini DLC packs released for Need for Speed: Rivals containing just two cars each.

All this and more besides is covered in our latest racing game news round-up embedded below. Links to all articles discussed in this week's episode can also be found below. 


NASCAR '14 First Look: /news/nascar-14-first-look/ 

NASCAR '14 Daytona 500 race gameplay: /news/nascar-14-daytona-500-race-gameplay/ 

Was DriveClub delayed to showcase Sony's VR Headset? /news/was-driveclub-delayed-to-showcase-sonys-vr-headset/ 

Trials Fusion tumbling onto a system near you April 18th: /news/trials-fusion-tumbling-onto-a-system-near-you-april-18th/ 

EA releases Lamborghini-themed DLC packs for Need for Speed: Rivals /news/ea-releases-lamborghini-themed-dlc-packs-for-need-for-speed-rivals/ 

BTTC champion teases two upcoming Codemasters racing games on Twitter/news/bttc-champion-teases-two-upcoming-codemasters-racing-games-on-twitter/ 

Polyphony Digital details post-server shutdown availability for Gran Turismo 5's DLC: /news/polyphony-digital-details-post-server-shutdown-availability-for-gran-turismo-5s-dlc/  

GT Academy expected to expand to 30 regions in 2014: /news/gt-academy-expected-to-expand-to-30-regions-in-2014/ 

Ruf CTR3 added to Project CARS in latest weekly build update /news/ruf-ctr3-added-to-project-cars-in-latest-weekly-build-update/ 

Trio of Radical sports cars inbound for Project CARS: /news/trio-of-radical-sports-cars-inbound-for-project-cars/ 

Corner markers 'removed' from RaceRoom Racing Experience in latest update: /news/corner-markers-removed-from-raceroom-racing-experience-in-latest-update/ 

Eutechnyx and Crooz co-release Auto Club Revolution Drift on iOS: /news/eutechnyx-and-crooz-co-release-auto-club-revolution-drift-on-ios/ 

Eutechnyx has "a whole host of updates" in store for Auto Club Revolution: /news/eutechnyx-has-a-whole-host-of-updates-in-store-for-auto-club-revolution/ 

Ridge Racer Slipstream debuts on Google Play store for Android devices: /news/ridge-racer-slipstream-debuts-on-google-play-store-for-android-devices/ 

Former Driver devs release Colin McRae on Android: /news/former-driver-devs-release-colin-mcrae-on-android/ 

Mario Kart 8 gets its own officially-licensed racing wheel: /news/mario-kart-8-gets-its-own-officially-licensed-racing-wheel/ 

Jakks Pacific's Mario Kart ride-on coming to UK in late 2014/news/jakks-pacifics-mario-kart-ride-on-coming-to-uk-in-late-2014/ 

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