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News Weekly Racing Video Game News Episode 14: Appetite for Destruction


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Yes, it's that time of the week again where we sift through all of this week's riveting racing game news in one handy video round-up. 

This week, BugBear's Next Car Game has once again been dominating our playtime at VVV Towers thanks to a new update adding a new car and a figure of 8 track to maximise the carnage. With 24 cars, suicidal drivers and a narrow track leaving little room to maneuver, we reveled in the vehicular mayhem, which you can see for yourself in our numerous hands-on gameplay videos including direct feed footage and some triple screen action courtesy of Alan's racing rig. 

Meanwhile, DLC was abound in Need for Speed: Rivals with the release of two car packs featuring a fleet of Ferraris and Jaguars. Including the F40 was pretty predictable, but we're still waiting for the inevitable inclusion of the LaFerrari – EA has promised more DLC down the line over the next four weeks however, so watch this space. 

We also had the triumphant return of Road America in Forza Motorsport 5, which, due to the game being rushed for release to launch alongside the Xbox One, was curiously absent, despite appearing in Forza 4. Turns out Turn10 were busy re-modelling it for its next generation debut. And it's free, so it's hard to grumble. 

Meanwhile, Milestone continued to push their promotion of MXGP, which is fast approaching its March release, with a new developer diary video depicting a Monster girl wearing a tight suit and jiggling about a lot on camera. Strictly for motion capturing purposes, of course. 

All this and more can be found in our weekly round-up embedded below. Links to all articles discussed in the video can also be found below.


Next Car Game – Figure of 8 Crazy Carnage Gameplay/news/next-car-game-figure-of-8-crazy-carnage-gameplay/ 

Next Car Game update adds Figure of 8 Track and '80s American Sedan: /news/next-car-game-update-adds-figure-of-8-track-and-80s-american-sedan/ enters Steam Greenlight phase/news/beamng-drive-enters-steam-greenlight-phase/ 

Need for Speed Rivals Ferrari and Jaguar DLC packs now available: /news/need-for-speed-rivals-ferrari-and-jaguar-dlc-packs-now-available/ 

McLaren 12C GT3 and engine damage introduced in  Assetto Corsa's 'V0.6.5' patch: /news/mclaren-12c-gt3-and-engine-damage-introduced-in-assetto-corsas-v0-6-5-patch/ 

Road America added to Forza Motorsport 5 in latest update: /news/road-america-added-to-forza-motorsport-5-in-latest-update/ 

GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough joins Red Bull Racing's driver development programme/news/gt-academy-winner-jann-mardenborough-joins-red-bull-racings-driver-development-programme/ 

Mario Kart 8 scheduled for global release on May 30th 2014 :/news/mario-kart-8-scheduled-for-global-release-on-may-30th-2014/ 

MXGP developer diary motion captures a Monster Energy girl: /news/mxgp-developer-diary-motion-captures-a-monster-energy-girl/ 

Cigarette Racing announces one-off Vision GT Concept speedboat/news/cigarette-racing-announces-one-off-vision-gt-concept-speedboat/ 

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