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In this week's Weekly Racing Video Game News round-up, Codemasters get back on the grid with GRID Autosport, a spin-off that aims to rectify everything wrong with Grid 2. Expect motorsport to be back at the forefront, an improved authentic handling model and not one, but two cockpit cameras. You can't say Codemasters don't listen to their community. The catch? It's coming soon to a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 near you only. 

In contrast, one game that is being designed with next-gen in mind is Project CARS, and we were treated to the first official trailer as it gears up for launch in November. Don't worry, it's okay to drool. Just mind the paintwork.

Project CARS is even making a splash on Wii U, which is something of a novelty considering the platform isn't exactly overrun with must-have racing games. That is all about to change however with the release of Mario Kart 8. There's just one problem: chances are you probably don't own a Wii U, since its sales figures are somewhat dismal. What you need, then, is the convenient Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle.

Elsewhere, iRacing has had a monumental content update, as will Assetto Corsa with an upcoming multiplayer update and we also have a host of new in-game car announcements.

All this and more can be found in your Weekly Racing Video Game News round-up. Links to all articles discussed in the video can be found below. 


‘GRID Autosport racing onto PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this June/news/grid-autosport-racing-onto-pc-ps3-and-xbox-360-this-june/

Project CARS: The Ultimate Driver Journey trailer confirms November 2014 release: /news/project-cars-the-ultimate-driver-journey-trailer-confirms-november-2014-release/

Nintendo announces Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle: /news/nintendo-announces-mario-kart-8-wii-u-bundle/

Assetto Corsa's multiplayer release pushed back to May 2nd 2014: /news/assetto-corsas-multiplayer-release-pushed-back-to-may-2nd-2014/

New content and customisation options come to iRacing in latest update build: /news/new-content-and-customisation-options-come-to-iracing-in-latest-update-build/

Wheel paint option coming to iRacing in impending update: /news/wheel-paint-option-coming-to-iracing-in-impending-update/

2015 Ford Mustang joins The Crew's car roster: /news/2015-ford-mustang-joins-the-crews-car-roster/

Kunos Simulazioni reveals first preview rendering of Assetto Corsa's McLaren P1: /news/kunos-simulazioni-reveals-first-preview-rendering-of-assetto-corsas-mclaren-p1/

Quad Bike & Lost Valley Track released for rFactor 2: /news/quad-bike-lost-valley-track-released-for-rfactor-2/

BMW licence secured for World of Speed: /news/bmw-licence-secured-for-world-of-speed/

Nissan GT-R GT3 inbound for RaceRoom Racing Experience: /news/nissan-gt-r-gt3-inbound-for-raceroom-racing-experience/

Paul Ricard confirmed for R3E in latest in-game previews: /news/paul-ricard-confirmed-for-r3e-in-latest-in-game-previews/

More Game Stock Car DLC showcased in latest previews: /news/more-game-stock-car-dlc-showcased-in-latest-previews/

Cel Damage HD coming to PlayStation Store on April 22nd: /news/cel-damage-hd-coming-to-playstation-store-on-april-22nd/

Ken Block takes on Brazil's Neymar Jr. in Footkhana: /news/ken-block-takes-on-brazils-neymar-jr-in-footkhana/

Watch Dogs mini-game lets you drive a Spider Tank:’

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