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This week's racing game news round-up centers on the rush hour that was the build-up to Christmas, as developers churned out some last minute festive surprises. 

Chief among which was the release of the Next Car Game Early Access Pre-Alpha. It's fair to say its non-stop adrenaline rush of crazy car crashing action kept me duly occupied during the Christmas holidays and successfully distracted me from attending to my new-born PS4. You can see what all the fuss is about in a series of gameplay videos we've got playing on the channel, including a full contact gravel race and some delightfully destructive 24 car demolition derby action.  

Then we had some pivotal news from two of the leading PC racing simulation developers. First there was the Christmas bonus package for Project CARS that added a ton of new cars and the surprise addition of Brands Hatch, then there was the exciting news that the Nurburgring will be featured in Assetto Corsa next year.   

It's been a busy week for the subscription-based sim iRacing, too, which promises to show significant growth next year. Not only did we have the news that the V8 Championship-winning Holden VF Commodore will be roaring into the game next year, but two new track announcements: Monza and Imola. Talk about being spoilt for Christmas. 

If you're not already stuffed from all this filling racing game news, you can tuck into this week's full round-up in the video below. As always, links to all the articles discussed in the video can also be found below. 


Next Car Game Early Access Pre-Alpha gameplay – Gravel Race: /news/next-car-game-early-access-pre-alpha-gameplay-gravel-race/ 

Next Car Game Early Access Pre-Alpha gameplay – Demolition Derby Action: /news/next-car-game-early-access-pre-alpha-gameplay-demolition-derby-action/ 

Next Car Game Technology Demo gameplay: /news/next-car-game-technology-demo-gameplay-crashing-cars-in-creative-ways/ 

Next Car Game released on Steam Early Access: /news/next-car-game-released-on-steam-early-access/ 

Nürburgring-Nordschleife confirmed for Assetto Corsa in 2014: /news/nurburgring-nordschleife-confirmed-for-assetto-corsa-in-2014/ 

Drag racing headlines Assetto Corsa's latest 'Content Update' patch: /news/drag-racing-headlines-assetto-corsas-latest-content-update-patch/ 

Project CARS update adds Brands Hatch and a host of new cars for Christmas: /news/project-cars-update-adds-brands-hatch-and-a-host-of-new-cars-for-christmas/ 

Renault/Alpine licence secured for Project CARS: /news/renault-alpine-licence-secured-for-project-cars/ 

V8 Championship-Winning Holden VF Commodore available in iRacing next year: /news/v8-championship-winning-holden-vf-commodore-available-in-iracing-next-year/ 

Monza confirmed for eventual inclusion in iRacing: /news/monza-confirmed-for-eventual-inclusion-in-iracing/ 

Iconic Imola track confirmed for iRacing in 2014: /news/iconic-imola-track-confirmed-for-iracing-in-2014/ 

Honda Civic BTCC coming to rFactor 2, new build released: 

New rFactor 2 Indianpolis screens and Panoz previews emrge: /news/new-rfactor-2-indianpolis-screens-and-panoz-previews-emrge/ 

Forza Motorsport 5's car prices reduced in patch update: /news/forza-motorsport-5s-car-prices-reduced-in-patch-update/ 

Career mode tweaks, 'Red Bull X Challenge' and more in Gran Turismo 6 V1.02 update: /news/career-mode-tweaks-red-bull-x-challenge-and-more-in-gran-turismo-6-v1-02-update/ 

Mario Andretti's Hudson Hornet coming to Gran Turismo 6 on December 19th: /news/mario-andrettis-hudson-hornet-coming-to-gran-turismo-6-on-december-19th/ 

MotoGP '13 Compact coming to PS3 and PS Vita: /news/motogp-13-compact-coming-to-ps3-and-ps-vita/ 

MXGP video interviews real life Motocross riders , March 2014 release confirmed: /news/mxgp-video-interviews-real-life-motocross-riders-march-2014-release-confirmed/ 

MX vs. ATV resurrected by Nordic Games, MX vs. ATV Supercross in the works for 2014: /news/mx-vs-atv-resurrected-by-nordic-games-mx-vs-atv-supercross-in-the-works-for-2014/ 

Ridge Racer: Slipstream delayed for Android until early 2014: /news/ridge-racer-slipstream-delayed-for-android-until-early-2014/ 

Namco Bandai defend micro-transactions in RIdge Racer Slipstream: /news/namco-bandai-defend-micro-transactions-in-ridge-racer-slipstream/ 

Eutechnyx launches ETX Racing: /news/eutechnyx-launches-etx-racing/ 

Autosport international 2014: All the bits you need to know: /news/autosport-international-2014-all-the-bits-you-need-to-know/ 

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