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News Weekly Racing News Episode 6: running out of fuel


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This week's racing game news round-up takes us back to GT6, albiet on a less positive note as we reported on its disappointing sales slump. Is the Gran Turismo series starting to run out of fuel? It wasn't all bad news for GT6 devotees, though – we were treated to the game debut of the BMW M4 Coupe, along with hints that the Ayrton Senna content won't be too long in coming. 

Speaking of car debuts, the new Ford Mustang also made its debut in Need for Speed: Rivals and we also had an insight into the painstaking development of the Bathurst circuit in iRacing thanks to an informative behind the scenes video

Get the lowdown on all this and more in the world of racing games in episode six of our weekly news recaps. As always, links to all the articles discussed in the video can be found below. 


WRC 4 Review: /reviews/wrc-4-review/ 

Gran Turismo 6's initial sales were only a fifth of GT5's: /news/gran-turismo-6s-initial-sales-were-only-a-fifth-of-gt5s/ 

Kazunori hints at Ayrton Senna content for GT6 in May 2014: /news/kazunori-hints-at-ayrton-senna-content-for-gt6-in-may-2014/ 

BMW M4 Coupe makes racing game debut in Gran Turismo 6: /news/bmw-m4-coupe-makes-racing-game-debut-in-gran-turismo-6/ 

RUMOUR: BMW M4 Coupe coming to Gran Turismo 6 on December 12th: /news/rumour-bmw-m4-coupe-coming-to-gran-turismo-6-on-december-12th/ 

2015 Ford Mustang makes game debut in Need for Speed Rivals: /news/2015-ford-mustang-makes-game-debut-in-need-for-speed-rivals/ 

Drag racing and Tag multiplayer modes coming in Forza Motorsport 5 update: /news/drag-racing-and-tag-multiplayer-modes-coming-in-forza-motorsport-5-update/ 

Forza 5 gameplay: tearing up the Top Gear Test Track in the Lotus E21 Formula One Car: /news/forza-5-gameplay-tearing-up-the-top-gear-test-track-in-the-lotus-e21-formula-one-car/ 

iRacing video goes behind the scenes at Bathurst: /news/iracing-video-goes-behind-the-scenes-at-bathurst/ 

MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame screenshots showcase Brazilian Beto Carrero Track: /news/mxgp-the-official-motocross-videogame-screenshots-showcase-brazilian-beto-carrero-track/ 


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