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This week's news recap was unsurprisingly dominated by the release of the PS3's swansong racer Gran Turismo 6. We've got everything covered: from our own gameplay coverage over on our YouTube channel to all the latest Gran Turismo-related news on the site, including announcements from GT6's prestigeious launch event in Ronda, Spain.

That's not to say we've turned our attentions away from the fabulous Forza Motorsport 5, of course. Far from it: we covered the news that the controversial monetisation will be revised, James explained why the new racing line assist is one of Forza 5's most over-looked improvements and Alan finally got to drive the most expensive car in the game: the utterly terrifying Lotus E21 Formula One car

Meanwhile, we also had the news that Ridge Racer will be returning in mobile form with the release of Ridge Racer: Slipstream later this month. 

So sit back and recap on all the latest racing game news and activity on the website in episode 5 of our weekly round-ups. Links to all the content alluded to in the video can be found below.


GT6 first look gameplay: /news/gran-turismo-6-gameplay-alans-gt-academy-uk-finalist-neil-williams-first-impressions/ 

Gran Turismo 6 Multi-Cam Gameplay – Pagani Huayra at Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit: /news/gran-turismo-6-multi-cam-gameplay-pagani-huayra-at-brands-hatch-grand-prix-circuit/ 

Gran Turismo 6 Lunar Mission 1 – Moon Buggy exploration gameplay: 

Gran Turismo 6 Replay – Monstering Matterhorn in a BMW Z4 M: /news/gran-turismo-6-replay-monstering-matterhorn-in-a-bmw-z4-m/ 

Gran Turismo 6's most expensive car costs £120.00: /news/more-micro-transaction-woes-gran-turismo-6s-most-expensive-car-costs-120-00/ 

Gran Turismo 6 Credit Pack prices revealed on Amazon UK {UPDATE]:/news/gran-turismo-6-credit-pack-prices-revealed-on-amazon-uk-update/ 

New Vision GT, BMW M GmbH and Red Bull Racing partnerships announced for Gran Turismo 6: /news/new-vision-gt-bmw-m-gmbh-and-red-bull-racing-partnerships-announced-for-gran-turismo-6/ 

Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi gets street named after him: 
Kazunori-Yamauchi-gets- street-named-after-him 

Bathurst street named in honor of Gran Turismo's Mount Panorma: /news/bathurst-street-named-in-honor-of-gran-turismos-mount-panorma/ 

Forza 5's monetisation to be revised following fan feedback: /news/forza-5s-monetisation-to-be-revised-following-fan-feedback/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 racing line column: /news/forza-motorsport-5s-racing-line-the-games-most-over-looked-improvement/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 Multi-Cam Gameplay – Tearing up the track in a KTM X-Bow: /news/forza-motorsport-5-multi-cam-gameplay-tearing-up-the-track-in-a-ktm-x-bow/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 Multi-Cam Gameplay – Lotus E21 Formula One car around Prague Street Cicuit: 

Forza Motorsport 5 Multi-Cam Gameplay – Lotus E21 Formula One car blitzes the Bernese Alps: /news/forza-motorsport-5-multi-cam-gameplay-lotus-e21-formula-one-car-blitzes-the-bernese-alps/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 Multi-Cam Gameplay – Audi R18 e-tron quattro at Abu Dhabi: /news/forza-motorsport-5-multi-cam-gameplay-audi-r18-e-tron-quattro-at-abu-dhabi/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 Multi-Cam Gameplay – IndyCars around Spa-Francorchamps: /news/forza-motorsport-5-multi-cam-gameplay-indycars-around-spa-francorchamps/ 

DriveClub possibly pulling up February 22nd for Japanese PS4 launch: /news/driveclub-possibly-pulling-up-february-22nd-for-japanese-ps4-launch/ 

First MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame gaemplay trailer shows supreme physics: /news/first-mxgp-the-official-motocross-videogame-gaemplay-trailer-shows-supreme-physics/ 

Second Assetto Corsa Content Update patch adds mid-engined sports car medley and track variations: 

Slightly Mad Studios welcomes Formula 3 racer Oli Webb for Project CARS test session: /news/slightly-mad-studios-welcomes-formula-3-racer-oli-webb-for-project-cars-test-session/ 

BugBear's Next Car Game Sneak Peek Tech Demo 2.0 adds phyiscs cannon: /news/bugbears-next-car-game-sneak-peek-tech-demo-2-0-adds-phyiscs-cannon/ 

New content and features incoming for Game Stock Car 2013: /news/new-content-and-features-incoming-for-game-stock-car-2013/ 

Colin McRae on Android: /news/thumbstar-bringing-colin-mcrae-rally-to-android/ 

Ridge Racer Slipstream sliding onto mobiles this month: /news/ridge-racer-slipstream-sliding-onto-mobiles-this-month/ 

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