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Episode four of our weekly news round-ups is now up, and it's something of a Forza frenzy with hot topics including the controversial micro-transactions in Forza Motorsport 5, plus a host of raw gameplay videos allowing you to hear the audio in its purity at long last. 

We also had an inside look at the GT Academy, plus news on all the other major racing titles including the cancellation of Next Car Game's Kickstarter campaign and Assetto Corsa's first content update


Here's a handy round-up of all the featured stories covered in episode four:

Forza 5 monetisation debate: /news/forza-5s-monetisation-is-a-monumental-rip-off/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 Direct Feed Gameplay – Muscle Car Madness: /news/forza-motorsport-5-direct-feed-gameplay-muscle-car-madness-at-mount-panorama-and-road-atlanta/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 direct replay video and audio: /news/first-look-at-forza-5s-replays-and-direct-audio-hear-those-engines-purr/ 

Forza Motorsport 5 McLaren M23 replay: 

Forza 5 La Ferrari: /news/forza-motorsport-5-flaunts-exclusive-laferrari-licencing-in-new-celebratory-trailer/ 

GT Academy International Finals: /interviews/an-inside-look-at-the-gt-academy-2013-international-finals/ 

Gran Turismo 6 micro transactions: /news/gran-turismo-6-15gb-in-size-as-digital-download-in-game-credits-available-to-buy-for-real-money/ 

Gran Turismo 6's launch party event to be held in Ronda at Ascari Race Resort: /news/gran-turismo-6s-launch-party-event-to-be-held-in-ronda-at-ascari-race-resort/ 

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo showcased in new trailer and image gallery: 

2014 release date for Gran Turismo 7 is "best case scenario":/news/kazunori-yamauchi-2014-release-date-for-gran-turismo-7-is-best-case-scenario/ 

GT6 GPS Data logger: /news/play-spot-the-difference-with-gran-turismo-6s-gps-data-logger-trailer/ 

Need for Speed' movie full length trailer released: /news/need-for-speed-movie-full-length-trailer-released/ 

NFS: Rivals locked at 30 fps on PC: /news/need-for-speed-rivals-locked-at-30fps-on-pc-upping-to-60fps-doubles-the-speed/ 

Need for Speed: Rivals – extended Xbox One cop gameplay: 

BugBear cancels Next Car Game Kickstarter, sneak peek technology demo released: 

Assetto Corsa first content update: /news/track-car-trio-incoming-for-assetto-corsa/ 

AC Cobra 427 rfactor 2 preview: /news/ac-cobra-427-showcased-in-latest-rfactor-2-preview/ 

New iRacing "Race with Us" trailer reveals RUF: /news/new-iracing-race-with-us-trailer-reveals-ruf/ 

Dallara DW12 IndyCar coming to iRacing: /news/dallara-dw12-indycar-coming-to-iracing/ 

Fanatec working on new Xbox One wheel: existing Xbox 360 wheel compatibility uncertain: /news/fanatec-working-on-new-xbox-one-wheel-existing-xbox-360-wheel-compatibility-uncertain/ 

Fanatec explain why their CSR wheel won't work on Xbox One: /news/fanatec-explain-why-their-csr-wheel-wont-work-on-xbox-one/ 

Thrustmaster's TX 458 Xbox One wheel pedals have no clutch: /news/thrustmasters-tx-458-xbox-one-wheel-pedals-have-no-clutch/ 

GeneRally 2 Kickstarter coming January 2014: /news/generally-2-racing-onto-kickstarter-january-2014/ 


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