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This week's racing news round-up was all about our extensive 2014 racing games preview, giving you the lowdown on every racing release that should be on your rader. From the PS4 exclusive socially-driven DriveClub to Ubisoft's ambitious open world racer The Crew to the final releases of the much-anticipated pair of PC sim racers Project CARS and Assetto Corsa, 2014 promises to be another packed year for automotive gaming and we can't wait to take you along for the ride with our coverage this year.

Elsewhere, we had an influx of patch updates invade several big-name racing games, including more Red Bull X events for GT6, the debut of the Super Late Stock Car in iRacing and the first patch update for WRC4 adressing a number of long-running issues, rumours on DriveClub's release now indicate a possible June release and a surprise indie off-road racing title cropped up in the form of D Series Off Road Racing Simulator

All this and more in your weekly dose of racing game news. Links to all the stories discussed in the video can be found below.


Meanwhile, Alan's been struggling to stay away from his triple screen set up. And who can blame him? Here we see him taking iRacing for a thorough test drive for the first time in years:


2014 Racing Games Preview: /features/mapping-the-road-ahead-the-2014-racing-games-preview/ 

Top Gear Series 21 preview: /news/top-gear-returns-february-2nd-series-21-preview/ 

DriveClub possibly delayed until June, leaked internal video reveals branding strategy: /news/driveclub-possibly-delayed-until-june-leaked-internal-video-reveals-branding-strategy/ 

Red Bull X Challenge headlines Gran Turismo 6 'V1.04' update :/news/red-bull-x-challenge-headlines-gran-turismo-6-v1-04-update/ 

Milestone releases first patch for WRC4: /news/milestone-releases-first-patch-for-wrc4/ 

Super Late Stock Car and Ruf Rt 12R AWD arrive in iRacing: /news/super-late-stock-car-and-ruf-rt-12r-awd-arrive-in-iracing/ 

D Series Off Road Driving Simulator slides onto Kickstarter: /news/d-series-off-road-driving-simulator-slides-onto-kickstarter/ 

New optimised Silverstone coming to rFactor 2: /news/new-optimised-silverstone-coming-to-rfactor-2/ 

Codemasters Racing releases digital-only Grid 2 Reloaded: /news/new-optimised-silverstone-coming-to-rfactor-2/ 

Codemasters to add McLaren Racing Pack to Grid 2 Reloaded "as soon as possible": /news/codemasters-to-add-mclaren-racing-pack-to-grid-2-reloaded-as-soon-as-possible/ 

Eutechnyx employee hints at "lots of exciting developments" coming to Auto Club Revolution: /news/eutechnyx-employee-hints-at-lots-of-exciting-developments-coming-to-auto-club-revolution/ 

Watkins Glen International arrives in Auto Club Revolution: /news/watkins-glen-international-arrives-in-auto-club-revolution/ 

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