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In episode ten of the TeamVVV weekly racing news round-up, we revealed the not so surprising news that yet another Forza game is on the horizon this year. Quite literally, in fact, as rumours are pointing to Playground Games developing a next-gen sequel to the open world spin-off Forza Horizon. Playground Games did a sterling job with Forza Horizon, which blended Forza's trademark authenticity with absorbing open world driving, so we can't wait to see how the potential sequel will turn out with the Xbox One's added graphical horsepower and networking capabilities.

Elsewhere, we had the usual raft of PC racing news concentrating on the three usual suspects: Project CARS shone again with another selection of proposterously pretty screenshots, this time debuting the legendary Lotus 72D Formula One Car, Assetto Corsa got its anticipated AI update and new iRacing previews emerged showcasing some upcoming content. 

We also had two big beefy features on the site for you to chew on: James delivered his final verdict on Gran Turismo 6 in his comprehensive review and Joe Barron brought us an exclusive interview from Autosport International detailing the UK's first Super GT Nismo-GTR.


Meanwhile, Alan has been busy getting to grips with his swanky triple screen set up, taking a number of PC racing games for a spin. Turns out triple screen gaming can really enhance your experience of racing games, with a heightened sense of speed among other advantages.


One of the key titles we're focusing on at the moment is iRacing, and you're about to see lots more of it, too. We enlisted the talents of GT Academy Finalist Neil Williams, who will be utilising his real life skills as a racing driver to take you through his iRacing career, offering advice for iRacing newcomers and experts alike. 


Links to all the stories discussed in this week's news recap can be found below:

Gran Turismo 6 review/reviews/gran-turismo-6-review/ 

Autosport International 2014: Britain’s first Super GT Nismo GT-R

New Forza game possibly confirmed for 2014 by Ultima: Forza Horizon 2, anyone?: /news/new-forza-game-possibly-confirmed-for-2014-by-ultima-forza-horizon-2-anyone/ 

DriveClub won't be a PS4 launch title in Japan after all/news/driveclub-wont-be-a-ps4-launch-title-in-japan-after-all/ 

Oli Webb becomes Slightly Mad Studios' dialogue consultant for Project CARS: /news/oli-webb-becomes-slightly-mad-studios-dialogue-consultant-for-project-cars/ 

New pretty Project CARS screenshots showcase legendary Lotus 72D Formula One car/news/new-pretty-project-cars-screenshots-showcase-legendary-lotus-72d-formula-one-car/ 

AI drivers added to Assetto Corsa in fourth Content Update patch: /news/ai-drivers-added-to-assetto-corsa-in-fourth-content-update-patch/ 

Next Car Game smashes on Steam Early Access, first update available: /news/next-car-game-smashes-on-steam-early-access-first-update-available/ 

Triple screen coverage preview/news/triple-screen-coverage-preview-how-racing-games-were-made-to-be-played/ 

First preview renders of iRacing's BMW Z4 GT3 and Dallara DW12 released: /news/first-preview-renders-of-iracings-bmw-z4-gt3-and-dallara-dw12-released/ 

"KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide" documentary slated for Hulu release on January 22nd: /news/kaz-pushing-the-virtual-divide-documentary-slated-for-hulu-release-on-january-22nd/ 

Need for Speed UK movie poster confirms 3D release, new Muscle Car featurette: /news/need-for-speed-uk-movie-poster-confirms-3d-release-new-muscle-car-featurette/ 

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