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This week's racing game news round-up was full of new things. 

First up we had the release of the Smoking Tyres Car Pack for Forza 5, adding ten new cars to Turn10's flagship Xbox One racer. Well we say 'new,' but many of these were already featured in Forza 4. But that would be missing the point – these have all been updated with added nest generation gloss paint, packing in more detail than ever before. And who can resist another Alfa Romeo, particularly when only 18 exist in the world?

Then there was the news of a new Need for Speed, or rather the potential lack of one. Indeed, it could be the end of the road for the series as the next Need for Speed has been put on hold following unfortunate layoffs at EA Ghost UK.

Don't worry though, as there's a new racing game coming to PS4, although it's probably not what you were expecting. Enter Ready to Run, a new RC racing game due for release on PSN in Q2 this year,  which should hopefully suffice while we wait for the long-delayed DriveClub.

In other news, BugBear's Next Car Game has been something of a triumph for the indie development scene, as the destructive crowd-funded racer managed to make over $1 million in just one week on Steam Early Access. Quite a feat for a game the publishers had no faith in. 

All this and more on episode 12. Links to all stories covered in the video can be found below.


Forza Motorsport 5 'The Smoking Tire Car Pack' slated for February 4th release: /news/forza-motorsport-5-the-smoking-tire-car-pack-slated-for-february-4th-release/ 

'Honda Legends Car Pack' comes to Forza Motorsport 5 as free download: 

RUMOUR: Forza Horizon to be re-released on Xbox One this September: /news/rumour-forza-horizon-to-be-re-released-on-xbox-one-this-september/ 

New Need for Speed on hold as EA Ghost UK face layoffs/news/new-need-for-speed-on-hold-as-ea-ghost-uk-face-layoffs/ 

Ready to Run coming exclusively to PS4 in Q2 2014/news/ready-to-run-coming-exclusively-to-ps4-in-q2-2014/ 

Mario Kart 8 scheduled for release in May 2014: 

Next Car Game made over $1 million dollars in one week on Steam Early Access/news/next-car-game-made-over-1-million-dollars-in-one-week-on-steam-early-access/ 

AI Quick Races roll-out stars in Assetto Corsa 'V0.6' update: /news/ai-quick-races-roll-out-stars-in-assetto-corsa-v0-6-update/ 

More content, third party support and multiplayer modes destined for RaceRoom Racing in 2014/news/more-content-third-party-support-and-multiplayer-modes-destined-for-raceroom-racing-in-2014/ 

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