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VR in a Bar is a social event open to the general public which showcases the very latest in VR (Virtual Reality) technology. The event that took place in the Loading Bar, North London, gave people a chance to sample VR titles before they officially launch.

Alan went along to the recent event and was immediately attracted to the Roto VR motion seat which launched its kickstarter campaign back in March. The motion seat is designed to enrich your VR experience when using headsets such as the Oculus Rift. The Roto VR turns 360 degrees both clockwise and anti-clockwise up to speeds of 35 rpm (!) and also comes with a variable speed control for those more subtle of movements.

Alan noticed the seat rotated very smoothly indeed, however unfortunately the demo was out of sync with the movement of the Roto VR which made for a very disorientating experience which actually made him feel quite ill.

Alan also got to sample Radial-G in virtual reality along with a few other games and experiences that were on show at the VR in a Bar event. VR is a very exciting technology for racing games fans of course which will have us sitting in the virtual cockpit of a car and provide us with the ability to look at the rear-view mirrors and out of the windows for a fully immersive experience. Although we are still very early in the development of VR, we can't help but be excited to see what the future holds for VR in the racing genre.

Check out the VR in a Bar footage below and leave us with your thoughts on VR below.

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