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News Team VVV Video Podcast 33: MXGP 3, DiRT Rally PSVR, GT Sport


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Welcome to another episode of the TeamVVV video podcast for all your weekly racing game ranbles.

This week we turn our attentions to MXGP 3. While we weren't initially blown away when Milestone's latest motocross racer was announced, new screenshots showcasing the new Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine and dynamic weather effects got our attention. Milestone's games have always been mediocre when it comes to visuals and sound, but MXGP 3 could be the game that changes that and finally realises their potential, while the dynamic weather effects promise to make the gameplay more challenging andunpredictable. 

We also give our impressions of the DiRT Rally PSVR update.While the added immersion can't be faulted, we're still finding the driving experience to be underwhelming compared to the core game. Let us know if you've found an ideal setup that improves the experience. Speaking of VR, we also discuss the news that GT Sport could be getting a ForzaVista-style VR mode. Now if only Polyphony could settle on a release date.

Elsewhere, DiRT 4 seems to be going in the right direction with the news that the "Dudebro" vibe is being dropped, and Table Top Racing World Tour is getting a triumphant release on Xbox One.

Thanks as always for listening, and don't forget to leave us your questions for the weekly Q&A.

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