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Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

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Hello Viewers, and welcome to the new Team VVV website. A site that celebrates our passion for racing games, but also now expands to take in a range of additional content and features for you all to explore and interact with.

Besides expanding the news, we see the introduction of our new Games page featuring literally hundreds of racing titles, over 5,000 videos, 10,000 bits of information and 20,000 screen shots. All brought together to provide a comprehensive selection of racing gaming content, so dive in, you can explore by era, console, publisher, find games you’ve never heard of and discover games you had forgotten. Let us know your feedback in the forum, what games did you discover and what games aren’t on the list that you would like to see added. We’ll continue to add to this section over time and build it into a complete gaming resource.

Another feature is our new release schedule, this will predominantly focus on racing games and also include DLC packs. All of the games link to their relevant games pages, so you can keep up with the recent articles added to all of your favourite titles. If there are racing games or DLC packs you’ve heard of that aren’t featured here, lets us know in our relevant forum thread.

In some ways the forum is the core of Team VVV, I created VVV with a mind to building a community with shared interests. Now, this all-new website brings that back, the team and I will be on there to discuss regular gaming news, motorsport, movies and any of our videos. It’s a handy place to bring everything together, make sure to check out our forum FAQ and get involved.

More news, more features to play with, more community interactivity. We’ll have competitions, from photo modes and livery contests to other options we’ll announce in the future. Some winning photos will appear on our home page and below articles.

Since 2006, Team VVV has been through numerous changes, many of which were necessary rather than the desired course. Now we present an evolution in design with you the user in mind, it’s fast, responsive and including some great features. If you’re interested in being part of the team and producing content, then we would be interested to hear from you, get in touch via our contact form.

Now, I’ll let you dive in and get involved and explore. More changes and improvements will follow in the coming weeks as we build to an exciting 2019 for the racing genre. Thanks to all involved and all of those readers and viewers that have supported us along the way.

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3 years ago

Looks good, ive been a follower of VVV for years now. Keep it up.

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