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News Team VVV Podcast 43: The Crew 2, F1 2017, WRC 7, MotoGP 17


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Welcome to another episode of the Team VVV Podcast for all your weekly racing game rambles. 

Well, it's been a crazy week for new racing game announcements, hasn't it? With DiRT 4 just around the corner, Kylotonn Games broke the silence and announced WRC 7 sliding onto PS4, Xbox One and PC this autumn. We give our impressions on the initial gameplay trailer, which it's safe to say is a considerable improvement over WRC 5's lackluster reveal trailer, as well as our hopes and expectations for the official rallying sequel.

Formula One fans will also have rejoiced this week as Codemasters announced that F1 2017 will be racing to consoles and PC in August with classic cars for the first time since the fabled F1 2013.  

While these announcements were perhaps predictable since both WRC and F1 are annual franchises, Ubisoft surprised us with an early announcement of The Crew 2 but gave us little to go on other than a logo and a vague cryptic message hinting that the series will be going "beyond roads." We try to guess the direction the series is heading and come to the conclusion that there will either be a stronger focus on off-roading or more vehicle types such as boats and possibly planes. 

Thanks as always for listening, and don't forget to leave us your questions for the weekly Q&A.

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