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News Team VVV Podcast 28: DiRT Rally PSVR, Nintendo Switch


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Welcome to another installment of the Team VVV podcast for all your weekly racing game rambles. 

After months of speculation, Codemasters has finally the silence on the future of DiRT Rally, and it's good news for PlayStation VR owners with the news that the acclaimed rally simulation is getting a VR upgrade on PS4. Probably not the news PC and Xbox One players were hoping for, then.

Of course, the other major talking point in the games industry right now is the recent reveal of the Nintendo Switch console. We were cautiously optimistic after seeing the initial trailer a few months back, but its steep price, misguided online multiplayer strategy and dismal launch line-up has left us considerably underwhelmed. Still, at least there will be plenty of racing games for the platform, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fast RMX and RedOut, but even these are rehashes of older titles.  

Rounding off this week's racing game news, RaceRoom is getting an interesting new race track and Codemasters' Micro Machines is making a comeback on consoles. 

Thanks as always for listening, and don't forget to send us in your questions for the weekly Q&A.

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