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In our most recent Gamescom video Alan gives you a quick sample of some of the games he has been getting a hands-on with at Gamescom recently. The eagle-eyed among you may notice two prominent racing YouTubers in the background near the start of the video!

Alan was invited to watch the EA press conference and shares some footage of the Need for Speed segment. We will be publishing some direct feed Need for Speed content very shortly so you can get a good look at the game before its release in November.

Joining Need for Speed as the other huge racing title to still come this year is Forza Motorsport 6. Sadly we couldn't get any direct feed videos for this title but rest assured we do have some off-screen triple-screen action for you so stay tuned for that.

Elsewhere we managed to get to grips with The Crew's upcoming Wild Run expansion. Alan has a bit of fun in the new monster trucks completing flips and jumps over the many ramps. We have more footage coming up which showcase the newly added monster trucks, drag cars, drift cars and bikes.

Trackmania is another game that has caught our attention recently with its incredibly fast-paced gameplay and pretty colourful graphics, you can expect to see some Trackmania footage from us very soon. Finally our round up takes a look at Race Craft which features a Formula 1 style course generator, move over Hermann Tilke! 

Expect extended videos and clips from all of what you see in the round up below and perhaps with some extra bits and pieces on top too.

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