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News Taking on the Real Events mode in MXGP 2


Kevin Dooley


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Game: MXGP 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 07/04/2016

Our very latest MXGP 2 gameplay video takes a look at a couple of Real Events races. Here you are tasked to replicate famous feats in MXGP history where riders have had to overcome the odds to succeed,

Our first race for instance relives the moment when Ryan Villopoto's bike engine cut out at the starting gates as he ferociously tries to restart it. After a short time he manages to restart it and you are spawned into the action with the goal of catching and passing rival racer Tony Cairoli.

The Real Events really add some drama to MXGP 2 and perhaps the mode should come as no surprise as Milestone seem to be including similar modes in all their racing titles of late. It's becoming a Milestone trademark you could say.

You can check out the two Real Events races below.

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