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Race Fever by Gameguru is a free racing game for iOS and Android mobile devices. The game has a simple goal – avoid all traffic and go as fast as you possibly can. You can accelerate and brake by tapping the edges of your mobile device and steer the vehicle by tilting your pocket-sized piece of tech from side to side.

To make things more challenging you'll have to contend with vehicles that change lanes and oncoming traffic. You can get away with little bumps here and there but anything more substantial will see the triggering of the game over screen which gives you a run down of your efforts including how long you traveled and number of near misses accumulated. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below.

As you race along the highways you'll acquire coins which can be used to customise your vehicles both mechanically and visually.

The game can be played from three different camera angles including the rather impressive hood or bonnet cam. The action takes place over four environments: village, desert, city, and a snowy winter scene, there's also four modes on offer including the tricky but satisfying two way mode. So far the game has ten different vehicles to choose from however more are said to be on the way.

All in all, Racing Fever is worth a look, it's free and you've got nothing to lose apart from maybe a few minutes of your time. You can download Racing Fever on The App Store and The Play Store. Let us know how you got on with game.


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