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News Take a look at Fast Racing Neo’s new DLC in our exclusive gameplay


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After a long hiatus, futuristic racing games are finally making a comeback with the likes of RedOut and Formula Fusion recapturing the glory days of WipEout and F-Zero.  However, if you don't own a Wii U then you're missing out on a hidden gem. 

Released last year on the Nintendo EStore to glowing reviews, Fast Racing Neo is essentially a spiritual successor to F-Zero in which you race craft at eye-melting speeds on Sci-FI-inspired racetracks whilst changing the colour of your craft to match the corresponding boost pads.

It looked stunning considering it was running on the underpowered Wii U, and matching your craft's colour to the boost pads to gain extra speed provided plenty of challenge that tested your reflexes. It's just a shame Fast Racing Neo was never made available to wider audiences on other platforms.  

To mark its physical retail release later this month, developer Shin'en Multimedia is releasing a new Neo Future Pack DLC which will be available as DLC or included in the physical copy, adding eight new tracks, ten new vehicle profiles and 18 new music tracks. 

Alan recently caught up with Shin'en Multimedia's Art Director Martin Sauter at Gamescom where we got to see some of the diverse new locations included in the Neo Future Pack in action. 


Both the Fast Racing Neo physical edition and Neon Future Pack will be speeding onto Wii U September 30th.

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