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News Survival racer Distance prepares for launch with new build


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Game: Distance

Platform: PC, PS4

Publisher: Refract Studios

Release Date: 18/09/2018

Refract Studios has released their latest 5007 experimental build for their survival racer Distance which acts as a release candidate for the upcoming full release.

The development team has been extremely busy lately with fine tuning their game and re-writing areas of the title to make the experience as polished as possible. Following feedback of this build, Refract will decide if any late changes need to be made before they release the title.

The development team are also asking for opinions from fans regarding whether or not track creators should be granted the option to clear leaderboard times from their creations after they have undergone updates.

You can view the full changelog of the latest build below.


General Improvements

Made it so when viewing leaderboards in the level select it doesn’t place your entry at the top of the list unless you are number 1

Improved error text when a Steam Workshop file fails to download

Levels will now be unlocked if you have achieved a local Bronze medal or better on them

Disabled realtime-reflections when in VR

Improved awkwardness when there is no player to spectate after finishing

When failing a Challenge level, restart is now highlighted by default

Removed all Halloween features added to the previous build

Car colors are now clamped for multiplayer and replays

Improved accuracy of replay playback

Added “Playback Speed Affects Music” toggle in Replay options

Can click on speed slider to change speed in replays now

Opening/closing the pause menu now doesn’t override replay speed when viewing replays

Clicking the “Change Camera” button now changes the camera

Fixed bug where replays would finish a little early

Added Seek Forward/Backward buttons in the replay menu

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug where deleting unsubscribed files after a Steam Workshop update would fail to properly clear all unsubscribed files

Fixed bug where reflections on car wheels were incorrect

Fixed bug where TurnLightOnNearCar component was being affected by scale


Fixed bug where replay count in General settings wasn’t working

Fixed bug where extruding from a spline node attached to a group within the level editor would corrupt levels by not allowing that functionality

Fixed bug where global low pass was enabled after mode finish

Fixed bug where invisible network cars still had visible wheels

Fixed issues with changing tabs in Garage (weird color changes were happening)

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