News Super Sonic Racer & Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing released on Steam


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Funbox Media has added two titles to its Steam catalogue today with the release of Super Sonic Racer, and Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing.

Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing, developed by Team6, is a cartoon-esque kart racer which sees you racing across the globe as any one of eight animals. Locales range from tropical pirate islands and freezing cold polar regions, to the pyramids of Egypt, you'll even hop a ride on a UFO sending you back to medieval times.

Calvin Tucker's Farm Animal Racing

Super Sonic Racer is yet another kart racer from the same developer, and much like Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing, you'll visit a wacky selection of environments including ocean and nightmare worlds, as well as a game-themed locale.

Super Sonic Racer gives you a selection of twelve characters and vehicles which include a monster truck, a taxi, and a space shuttle (obviously).

Super Sonic Racer

Both of these titles are available to purchase on Steam for £1.88 a piece.

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