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Game: Gran Turismo

Platform: PS1

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 20/03/1998

It's been an incredibly long time since we last saw any new downloadable features in Gran Turismo 5, and we were beginning to wonder here at Team VVV if Polyphony Digital had decided to "give up" on GT5, and instead put all of its efforts behind GT6.

However, a new video released by the Japanese developer sneakily features a CGI-rendered shell of a new car that hasn't been seen in the franchise before.

Unless you want to watch the entire flick – which focuses on the 16 GT5 players who found their way in the Asian version of the GT Academy – we advise you fast-forward to 1:35, so you can see what all the fuss is about.

The car in question is the Subaru BRZ, the sister of the Toyota 86 GT and Scion FR-S that are already in the game, and one of the cars that players have been requesting as a DLC or add-on car ever since the concept was unveiled at last year's LA Motor Show in November.

And, as quite a few eagle-eyed members of the forums have discovered, the screen grabs of the video also hint at some interesting things. For instance, the depicted BRZ being developed was saved as "for_event_00″, which suggests that it might make an appearance at an upcoming gaming show or event (we're hedging out bets on this year's Tokyo Game Show, which begins next week on September 20th).

Another member noticed what appear to be a list of bodykit items, such as front and rear spoilers, which are far more extensive than the limited array of aftermarket options for the in-game Toyota and Scion variants.

The last bit of speculative info regards the rest of the file's save name – not only is the Toyota FT-86 Concept referenced, but – perhaps more intrguingly – the BRZ STI Concept from the aforementioned LA Motor Show is also displayed in the file's title, which hints that there may be a few more cars to appear in the Playstation 3's premier racing title in the near future.

Heck, the folder it's saved in is called "Geheimnis", which is the German word for "secret", so who knows what else the folk at Polyphony have in store for us!

Of course, we don't know for certain if the Subaru BRZ for Gran Turismo 5 – for all we know, PD might have "done the impossible" and made a teaser video or even a playable demo of GT6! – but we wouldn't count against it not being GT5 related.

Still, we're assuming we'll know for certain at next week's Tokyo Games Show, so keep your eyes peeled on our news page in the next few days.

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