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Reiza Studios have released a new Stock Car Extreme gameplay video showing the game's upcoming superkarts in action at the Kansai (Suzuka) circuit (another upcoming asset I might add).

The gameplay follows a superkart in cockpit view as it speeds around the Kansai track in a qualifying session in the early evening. The action looks like a lot of fun, the head movement of the driver adds to the sense of danger and speed and the kart is constantly screaming at high rpm to add to the thrill factor.

The superkarts in Stock Car Extreme have 250cc engines which are bolted onto a kart that weighs a total of just 220kg, making for some bonkers power to weight ratios and potential epic fun. Reiza Studios say that these superkarts can lap as fast as a formula 3 car, looking at the footage below I can fully believe that.

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