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You probably have to be of a certain age admittedly (I can already be disregarded, then), but the original Spy Hunter was truly in a class of its own. The premise was simple: you played as the "Agent", who drives a mysterious gadget-laiden car known as the  G-6155 Interceptor and your mission was to simply shoot down enemy vehicles on an endless highway whilst protecting innocents. It may of course look dated compared to today's standards, but back then it practically revolutionised the car combat genre. 

Just in time for its 30th anniversary, we now have a new version set for release later this year developed by TT Fusion exclusively for the handheld market on Vita and 3DS. With it comes a newly revamped Interceptor, as the announcement trailer showcases:

So there you have it…the new Interceptor is red. Hardly the emboidment of a sleek spy car, is it? Just imagine if Knight Rider's KITT was red. But then, I suppose you wouldn't really grumble about the colour if your car came equipped with mounted machine guns, rocket launchers, and the ability to transform into a boat.

In addition, an aerial support drone will be available to hone in on the action to dispatch of enemy vehicles, with "thrilling crash choreography" and a camera system that follows the action in slow motion. 

Looking at the in-game screenshot, Spy Hunter isn't looking like the prettiest game in the world at this stage, but there is plenty of room for improvement and the action-packed gameplay should more than make up for it if executed properly. It will also be interesting to see how/if TT Games utilise the 3DS and Vita's assets, i.e. the 3D functionality and the Vita's touch controls.

In truth, this isn't the first time we've seen a modern remake of the classic Spy Hunter. Two games in the series were released for the last console generation that brought Spy Hunter to 3D with moderate success. Oh, and there was also the dismal Dwayne Johnson-version that we don't speak of. You know, the one that was meant to have a film adapation that never materalised like Vin Diesal's Wheelman.

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