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News Split-screen multiplayer mode showcased in latest WRC 6 video


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Publisher BigBen Games has released a new gameplay video of WRC 6 which gives us a look at the new split-screen co-op multiplayer mode feature in action.

The local multiplayer split-screen mode was one of the requested features from fans and enables players to share the same screen whilst playing simultaneously to bring a new level of tension to proceedings. The gameplay video (below) also gives us another look at a few of the different countries found within WRC 6.

On the subject of countries, WRC 6 will contain no less than 14 with the newest addition of China. Of these 14 counties 11 will include super special stages (also playable in local co-op split screen mode). The super special stages, another new addition for WRC 6 over last year's title, are actually true to life renditions of the real world thing.

Elsewhere WRC 6 boasts a new tyre, physics and damage model and the audio has also been overhauled for a more aggressive sound. We won't have too much longer to get our hands on the final version either as WRC 6 releases for the PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One platforms in October. 

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