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We change up the pace a bit in our latest Team VVV gameplay video as we get to grips with the recently released Spectra 8bit Racing running on the Xbox One console.

Spectra comes from the newly formed studio Gateway Interactive in collaboration with Chipzel, and is best described as a fast-paced retro racer that is designed to test your reflexes. Spectra features ten music tracks which are used to generate levels procedurally.

Spectra's only game mode tasks you to collect as many spinning voxels (that's the cubes to you and me) all while dodging the purple/pink barriers which will dock you some points. You can take advantage of speed boosts (which also give you a temporary score multiplier boost) along the way but these can be as much a hindrance as a help depending on the difficulty of the stage.

You can choose to bank your points or risk them in trying to get a higher score multiplier to really score the big points. Alan notes that the game has really missed out on providing some variety as all the levels are of the same colour. Something as simple as changing the colour of the track would've added so much to the game.

Spectra can be found on the Xbox One store, Windows Store and on Steam. Check out the Spectra gameplay below.

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