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News Sony patent reveals multiple-camera PlayStation VR headset


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A Sony patent has been discovered by LetsGoDigital (via EuroGamer) which gives us a look into the potential new technology embedded into the next generation PlayStation VR headset.

The patent shows several images which seemingly depict two front and one rear camera as well as a fourth camera incorporated into what can only be described as a new generation Move controller.

The front-facing cameras are able to show the player their surroundings making bumping into walls and furniture a little less likely. Apparently, both cameras can display images simultaneously for a stereoscopic 3D effect.

The patent also shows the option for a separate camera much as we have in the current PlayStation VR setup. You’ll also notice an array of LEDs on the headset presumably for improved tracking accuracy, the headset also features a microphone as expected.

The patent also hints at a wireless headset – something we’ve been expecting as the current PlayStation VR is a mess of wires in truth. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that should the new PlayStation VR headset go wireless, that it has decent battery life.

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital

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