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News Sony discusses Driveclub debacle: “It’s no fun being safe all the time”


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

The on-going DriveClub debacle has been covered to death by the media, as server issues still continue to plague the experience despite post-release patch updates, but now Sony has spoken out about the shambolic situation

Speaking candidly with IGN, Sony Computer Entertainment America's President and CEO Shawn Layden reaffirms how DriveClub's issues couldn't have been anticipated after being probed about its disasterous launch.

“In the development cycle, we try to test against every possibility,” he said. “You do a beta test, you scope against that. But now, in a connected world, you can't effectively test in your house or in your beta group what it means to have 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 users hit your service. And the guys [at the studio] are struggling with that. It's throwing up things that they had not anticipated.”

"And I get reports from them every day on the progress that they're making, and it is going forward. It is going slowly, but, you know, they tried to do the best, newest, greatest thing ever to happen in the driving genre and they hit a hiccup. I prefer people to have the ambition to try that, though. It's no fun being safe all the time."

Quite an interesting take on the situation, indicating that DriveClub was a victim of its own ambition.  While open betas would have perhaps better prepared the servers, it's hard to argue against the team's ambition, which has at least paid off in other areas such as the graphics and sound which are spellbinding. The worry now is whether DriveClub will still have a loyal community following by the time the online side eventually runs issue-free or if the damage has already been done. 

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