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News Sonoma Raceway now available in RaceRoom Racing Experience


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Game: RaceRoom Racing Experience

Platform: PC

Publisher: Sector 3 Studios

Release Date: 12/02/2013

RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) developer Sector3 Studios has brought another new track to the free-to-play PC sim: the fabled Sonoma Raceway.

One of the more well-known circuits outside of American motor racing, the Sonoma Raceway in R3E comes in four configurations, including the routes used for the NASCAR Sprint, IndyCar and World Touring Car Championship events.

Players can acquire the Sonoma Raceway in R3E for 499 vRP points (R3E's currency system). vRP can be bought from either the official R3E store front, or through Steam's market place if players are running R3E on that platform.

We've also partnered up with PC Specialist to provide you a range of PC models, designed to make the most of your favourite racing games. For more details, visit the PC Specialist website here.

Image source: Sector3 Studios

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