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News SMS Racing shows you why you shouldn’t text while driving


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SMS Racing is an arcade style racer that tasks you to respond to text messages all while you race around a circuit. Now at first glance its easy to think this game is promoting texting while driving, however the opposite is actually true on this occasion.

You get just ten seconds to reply to the incoming texts and are told exactly what to write. You'll be writing a lot of “text-speak” shorthand so expect to type things such as lol, wtf and omg. The game highlights the dangers of texting while driving as often you'll make friends with the barriers, it's very hard to concentrate on both tasks which should never be mixed.

SMS Racing, published by Holden Link, uses the Unity racing demo as its base and took just two days to develop, the game is available for PC, Linux and Mac. Holden Link have plans to expand the game, adding a turbo button and even bringing it to Virtual Reality (VR) platforms at some point later this year.

You can try out the demo of SMS Racing by clicking here. Lets us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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