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News Smash Hit mobile game Monster Truck Destruction ported to PC and Mac


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When i was a mere mortal, I had an unhealthy fixation with monster trucks. Their tank-like ability to crush scrap cars into mangled metal-flavoured pancakes left me in awe as a puny child. One year, all I wanted for Christmas was a Hot Wheels BigFoot Crunch Arena playset which had my parents rushing round every last toy shop like Arnie's quest for Turbo Man in Jingle All the Way. I even managed to wear out my VHS of BigFoot and the Muscle Machines, a cult classic Saturday morning cartoon that now looks decidedly dated, after watching it on repeat. 

When it comes to video games, these savage machines are sadly underrepresented. In fact, the last Monster Trucks game I can remember playing was the aptly named Monster Trucks (also known as Thunder Truck Rally) on the original PlayStation developed by Reflections Interactive as a stopgap between Destruction Derby and Driver. Then there was Microsoft's Monster Truck Madness and its subsequent sequel, which gained quite a following on PC.

Monster Jam attempted to revitalise the genre for this console generation but ultimately failed, leaving it to developer ODD Games to find a new audience on the mobile market with Monster Truck Destruction, a lovingly authentic replication of the sport for iOS and more recently Android. Fast forward to the present after its successful stint on mobiles, and it's now been ported onto PC and Mac which should hopefully rectify its greatest flaw – the controls. Driving these over-sized American muscle machines was never meant to be easy, but they don't exactly lend themselves well to the limited touch controls on a mobile.

There's plenty for ardent monster truck fans to guzzle over. 30 officially licensed monster trucks are at your disposal including BIGFOOT®, USA-1, Rislone, Outback Thunda, Bearfoot and many more, making it the largest collection to grace a game to date. Each truck can be fully customised, handle with convincing vehicle physics and damage dynamically as you roar around one of 16 real world arenas in Monster Truck Destruction's three primary modes: Drag Race, Freestyle and Championship.    


Upon watching the trailer, it's a shame to see that Monster Truck Destruction doesn't appear to have been drastically optimised from its mobile origins on PC as the graphics could do with some refinement, but it still looks fun. Whether there's really a market for monster truck games anymore is debatable, though.

You can order a boxed copy of Monster Truck Destruction from MergeGames' website. There is also an ongoing campaign to get Monster Truck Destruction on Steam via Greenlight which you can vote for.  

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