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News Slightly Mad Studios raise over 1 million Euro for Project CARS


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Slightly Mad Studios reached a momentus milestone today, raising over 1 million Euro for the crowd-funded Project CARS. Quite a feat indeed when you consider it was at 500,000 Euro as recently as March. 

In a similar vein to Stainless Games' approach with Carmageddon and Kickstart, Project CARS is being funded by the World of Mass Development, a unique platform which allows users to actively contribute towards the development of a range of titles and earn a share of the revenue upon release. 

You can still follow the development of Project C.A.R.S. over on the WMD Forum. It's certainly a commendable way to develop a game that works for both the developer and the player – there's no pressure from publishers, and players get frequent access to early builds of the game, with the opportunity to engage with the developers and offer feedback that could shape the final build.  

We've been continually impressed by not only Project C.A.R.S' dashing good looks and promising physics, but also its rapid rate of progress – at the time of writing, the current build already has 25 tracks and over 20 cars, including the recently announced trio of Paganis

You can watch our latest video coverage on Project C.A.R.S. below, where Alan tests out the new helmet cam on California Raceway:

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