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News Slightly Mad Studios go with this concept design for the “Mad Box”


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We’ve known about the Slightly Mad Studios’ “Mad Box” console for almost two weeks now. In that time we’ve learned the console will support 4K, VR at 60 frames per second, and developers will have access to a full engine for free to developer their title for it.

We’ve also seen a few design concepts, however, one stuck out as a clear favourite for fans, not to mention Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell. It comes as no great surprise, then, to hear that this was the design chosen as the final concept design.

Check it out for yourself below.

According to the images, this design of the Mad Box has some personal customisation elements with different patterns including carbon fibre and brushed metal as options as well as several colour choices including gold, solid and matte.

The front panel doubles as a touch screen and the layout can be changed according to which app or game you’re playing as well as whether the Mad Box is positioned vertically or horizontally (the design also allows for wall mounting).

Bell recently offered a prize of “10K and free games for life” if somebody can come up with a winning slogan for the recently revealed “Mad Box” console.

Speaking with Variety, Bell also confirmed the console will ship in “around three years” and that it will “be a console as is the Xbox or PlayStation“. The Mad Box will support most major VR headsets and the console’s specs will be equivalent to “a very fast PC 2 years from now“.

Let us know if you like the chosen design.

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