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News Skyfall featurette marks the return of Bond’s legendary Aston Martin DB5


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The Aston Martin DB5 will forever remain the signature car of the James Bond series, which is why we're excited to see its belated return in the next Bond film Skyfall. While it had a brief appearance in Casino Royale, we haven't seen it take on a proper action sequence since Pierce Brosnan got behind the wheel in Goldeneye against an elusive lady in a Ferrari F355. 

This is set to change in Skyfall, which reprises the DB5 back as Bond's primary car and we wouldn't have it any other way. A new video blog, featuring director Sam Mendes, recounts this momentous occassion, discussing what the return of the iconic DB5 signifies for Skyfall as well as providing some brief snippets of behind the scenes footage showing the DB5 in action in scenes filmed for Skyfall.  

We're hoping the DB5 will see some action in the final film – it's known that a car chase will occur in Skyfall, but it seems the DB5 will have a poignant role at the end of the film as a a possible throwback to the classic Goldfinger: "There’s something about the last part of the movie which is deliberately, very consciously could have taken part in 1962," Mendes reminisces. Notice too that the registration plate matches that of the original DB5 from Goldfinger – coincidence?

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