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News Several versions of Imola and trucks coming to Automobilista


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Game: Automobilista Motorsports Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: Reiza Studios

Release Date: 24/08/2015

Reiza Studios recently posted their end of month development update where they revealed they were working on new content for their PC racing sim Automobilista Motorsports Simulator.

Two paid DLC packs have been confirmed, the first of which, known as the Legendary Tracks Part 1, includes no less than four versions of the iconic Imola track. Each version comes from different decades with 1972 and 1988 (which are actually available now), 2001 and 2016 layouts on offer. The track DLC is expected to release alongside the upcoming v1.5 update on November 15.

The second planned paid DLC pack will see trucks included from Reiza Studios' Formula Truck series. The trucks are said to be upgraded with a new custom rules set and functionalities. Indeed Reiza Studios has confirmed they are close to finalising a deal with Formula Trucks to enable them to release the complete series for Automobilista.

Both packs will sell for $5.99, although existing owners of Formula Truck will receive the truck DLC for no charge. Imola screens below.

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