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News Second Motorsport Manager feature video teaches you how to “master the tech”


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Playsport Games has released their second feature video for Motorsport Manager.

Motorsport Manager, which was previously released on iOS and Android devices, is currently scheduled for release in September for the PC. There are three main components to Motorsport Manager: Build the team, master the tech and make the right decisions to be successful. The second feature video teaches us how to master the tech (click here to see the very first video focusing on building your team).

The second video in the series is once again presented by Motorsport Manager's Community Manager Mike Fryatt who has a chat with the Lead Designer Rob Pearson who goes into the various tech elements in the title including the ability to developer certain performance aspects for your car such as larger diameter rims, grooved tyres, aerodynamic parts and more.

Tech is not just limited to the cars either, you can change track layouts and vote for new tracks. Throughout your career the tracks will change and evolve, you'll just need to make sure that the changes work in your favour.

You can view the second of the series of Motorsport Manager feature videos below. 

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