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News SEAT recreate The Italian Job chase in Mii promotional video


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Car manufacturers everywhere take note: this is how you promote your new city car. Grab the Top Gear production crew, plonk three glamorous girls behind the wheel of the car in question, in this case the new SEAT Mii, and stage a recreation of The Italian Job, swapping the gridlocked roads of 1969's Turin for the sunny streets of Barcelona. 

Aptly named 'The Spanish Job', three drivers are tasked with stealing a fleet of SEAT Miis (two red and one yellow to represent the Spanish flag, naturally) from the Barcelona factory, resulting in a chase with, coincidentally, a SEAT Leon police car that mimics the famous scene from The Italian Job. Direct homages include driving down stairs and that most difficult of stunts, driving onto a moving truck.

In essence, the Mii city car is a rebadged Volkswagen Up! and the the successor to the SEAT Arosa, itself based on the Volkswagen Lupo, but you have to commend SEAT for going the extra mile and creating what is a memorable tribute to the timeless chase scene. We're assuming the video was produced primarily to promote the Mii rather than car theft and reckless driving, however.  

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