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Motorbike racing games are often underrepresented on console games, and this is essentially true in the mobile market. Developer DIgital Tales aims to change this with the release of SBK14: The Official Mobile Game on iOS following the success of their Ducati Challenge iOS game, a realistic 3D racing game based on the famed FIM Superbike World Championship license. It is the first official SBK game since Milestone's SBK Generations in 2012.

To spread the word, Digital Tales has now launched a Fansflock campaign (a crowdfunding website similar to Kickstarter designed for fan projects) to gain fan support and funding, with a target goal of $40,000.

Despite the mobile platform's reputation for casual games, SBK14 aims to appeal to a hardcore audience, with lavish visuals, customisable controls and a realistic handling model. Think of it like the Real Racing of mobile bike racing games.

As you'd expect from a licensed SBK game, all the Superbike category teams, bikes and tracks of the 2014 season will be featured, making a total of 27 faithfully-recreated bikes and 13 circuits. Digital Tales are also promising "console quality physics" and realistic 3D graphics replete with dynamic lighting. 

Three game modes will be available: Championship, Quick Race and Challenge. Championship and Quick Race are pretty self-explanatory, but Challenge will allow you to compete with record ghosts of friends and real SBK riders.


"We are excited to bring the adrenaline-pumping world of SBK competition to smartphones,” said Giovanni Bazzoni, CEO of Digital Tales. “With SBK’s first official mobile game, we want to bring players into the SBK world by allowing them to race their favorite superbikes across the official circuits around the globe. To make this into a great game, we are asking fans of SBK and bikes worldwide for their support.”

Digital Tales are aiming for an early Summer 2014 release for SBK14: The Official Mobile Game. A range of rewards are available for anyone who backs the project, including early beta access. Or, if you happen to have $32,000 to spare, there's a real Aprilia RSV4 SBK Special Edition Superbike, complete with custom SBK paint job, waiting for one wealthy backer. It's the Codemasters BAC Mono publicity stunt all over again. 

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