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Ron Howard's Rush was an outstanding piece of cinema, a film depicting the golden era of F1 and the famous clash between rival racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. A trailer for the upcoming film Group B appears to have similar aspirations to represent golden age of rallying: the infamous Group B class, in which a lack of restrictions meant the cars were overpowered, before a series of fatal crashes wrote off the competition for good. Like the story of Hunt and Lauda in Rush, it's a premise that would certainly translate well to cinema.

Directed by filmmaker Nick Rowland and starring none other than Richard Madden from Game of Thrones, Group B follows rally driver Shane Hunter and his return to Group B following a "long and troubled absence," presumably resulting from some sort of accident – another possible parallel to Lauda's comeback in Rush after his near-fatal accident.

Little else has been revealed, but the teaser trailer does treat us to a glimpse of the magnificent Group B-spec MG Metro being driven round what looks like an authentic rally course by stunt driver and Rally America champion David Higgins.
The downside?  Group B will sadly only be a short fllm backed by the National Film And Television School –  according to IMDB, it has a runtime of just 26 minutes and was made on a budget of just £13,000. Hopefully it will be short but sweet. 

It may also be sometime before Group B gets a theatrical release: apparently it could take from 9 – 12 months, but the studio is currently submitting the film to be shown at film festivals.

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