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News Roundabout will drive you round the bend on PS4


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Originally released on PC before being ported to Xbox One earlier this year, bizarre part driving/part puzzler/part platformer Roundabout has finally found its way onto the PS4 in this week's PSN store update available for £11.99.

In Ronudabout, you control a revolving limousine driving passengers to their destinations whilst manuevering around obsctacles. Think of it like Crazy Taxi on steroids in an open world.

Roundabout now also utilises the PS4 controller's light bar, which acts as a real-time health bar – as your limosuine's health deteriorates, the controller will change from blue to yellow to red. "The glow from the red is super noticeable in your peripheral vision (or in your lap if you’re playing sitting down on the couch), giving you an extra cue that everything is about to go to hell if you don’t sort out your spinning."

Curiously, Roundabout was originally meant to be released as a cross buy on the PS4 and PS Vita, but the Vita version has now been postponed until later this year. Pity, as this type of game seems well-suited to Sony's handheld, but at least existing PS4 owners will be able to download it for free as soon as it's released. 

American PSN users can also enjoy a 30% discount on Roundabout during launch week. That's not to say European players have been left out, as the developers are promising something in return: "If you’re in Europe or beyond, we want to make sure that you get something neat too. If you send us some proof of purchase to the @RoundaboutGame twitter account during launch week, we’ll send you something cool in return soon after." What could it be?

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