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Just when you thought the loopy LocoCycle was the zaniest driving game you could buy on Xbox One, Roundabout spins onto the scene following its original release on PC last year.  

Scheduled for release on the Xbox Live Game Store this Friday on February 20th, Roundabout has you scouting for fares in a taxi and rushing them to their destination as fast as possible. Sounds a lot like Crazi Taxi, then, you might think. But the comparisons swiftly end there. 

For starters, you aren't driving an ordinary taxi, but a stretch limosine. Except you're not really driving it at all, because it's constantly spinning in circles – can you still even class this as a driving game? Think of it more as a cross between Crazi Taxi and Kuru Kuru Kururin, so it's more of a part-puzzle, part-driving game. A hybrid, if you will. 

It's certainly a crazy concept, but it makes for some challenging puzzle scenarios as you twist and turn the out of control limo around tight obstacles in an open world environment, squishing innocent bystanders that get in your way in the process. You have to wonder how long it takes for the novelty to wear off, though, but I can imagine the one-more-go factor becoming addictive. 

Adding to its indie vibe is a narrative driven by live action FMV cutscenes straight out of '70s b-movie territory. Roundabout tells the story of veteran driver Georgio Manos, "arguably the world's most famous revolving chauffeur." You can get a flavour of its tongue-in-cheek tone in the launch trailer released for the PC version last year.

Enhancements for the Xbox One version include support for its impulse triggers, remastered video and over 40 achievements. PS4 and Vita versions are also in the pipeline, but don't have a release date as of yet. Hopefully they are just around the corner.

Roundabout will be availble to download on February 20th for $14.99, although no UK price has been announced yet. The PC version can currently be picked up on Steam for £10.99.

After watching the trailer, the words "weird" and "wonderful" spring to mind. 

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