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News Rollcage-inspired GRIP lands on Kickstarter


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Game: GRIP: Combat Racing

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Wired Productions

Release Date: 06/11/2018

Earlier this month we reported on GRIP, a new car combat IP deliberately designed as a spiritual successor to the cult classic Rollcage that lets you drive on walls at and blow up anything that gets in your way. Its obvious similarities are no coincidence – the two founding members of the expanding team even worked on the original Rollcage games at Attention to Detail. In other words, GRIP is Rollcage in all but name for legal reasons, and is probably as close as you're likely to get to seeing a new Rollcage game.

GRIP's announcement unsurprisingly caused quite a stir with avid Rollcage fans. It hasn't taken long for the project to gain some traction, as the developer has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the development up to speed. 

Developer Caged Element is seeking support to raise $657,000 Canadian dollars (around £350,000) from the Kickstarter – if successful, this funding will pave the way for GRIP to be released on PC and PS4 in December 2016.

At the time of writing, GRIP has over 3000 backers and has raised nearly $130,000 Canadian dollars with 23 days left. There's a pretty extensive list of Backers rewards to give you incentive, as well as additional stretch goals. Interestingly, backers will have the option to vote for features outlined in the stretch goals, including a new planet, Arena and Precision modes, expanded Story features, advanced replay options or a track editor. 

A new trailer highlighting GRIP's various gameplay features has been released to accompany the Kickstarter, with footage taken from an early prototype version developed by the two original Rollcage developers who make up part of the team at Caged Element.

Also in keeping with the spirit of Rollcage is the soundtrack, as some of the artists contributed to Rollcage II. We hope you like Drum n' Bass: among the artists that have signed up for GRIP include Skynet, Technical Itch and Dom & Roland, Trance artists Xtigma, Red Mundi and Tyler Michaud and original game soundtrack veterans Robin Ogden and Kevin Greenlee. 

​GRIP certainly seems to be recapturing the essence of Rollcage, with its insane speed, destructable environments and weaponised power-ups making for a gloriously chaotic brand of racing which seems to be a rarity these days. 

From the previews shown so far, GRIP is already shaping up to be something special and spectacular – it's a testament to what a tiny team can achieve with drive and passion. Considering it's now been 15 years since the last Rollcage game, we think it's long overdue a successor. 

Is the prospect of a new Rollcage-inspired combat racer causing you to roll over in excitement?

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