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News Rocket League’s Starbase Arc update now available


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Rocket League's Starbase Arc update is available right now across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

The update adds a free new space themed map to the car football title which pays homage to ARC Squadron, another title from the developers of Rocket League. The map is an octagonally-shaped space station which has the misfortune to be amid a galactic battle.

To accompany the new map, Psyonix has also released the Vulcan battle-car (available for a price) and the custom training mode which enables players to construct their own training regimes which can be shared across the community. Once you've created a training sequence you'll be asked to name it, assign the nature of the training, add the difficulty level and tags to help others find it.

You can see the new map and battle-car in action below.

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