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News Rocket League’s servers struggle under the strain on PS4


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Psyonix's much-anticipated RC car football game Rocket League has finally kicked off on PS4, but with such wide availability (it's currently available for free throughout July to all PS Plus members – what are you waiting for?), it was perhaps inevitable that its online servers would struggle under the strain with an influx of players trying to connect online. Don't forget too that Rocket League supports PS4 and PC cross play, just to add to the load.
As a result, accessing the servers has been sporadic. In my experience so far, I've been unable to access any online games, although some are reporting success after long waits. 

At one point I experienced some downtime, but Psyonix are reporting the servers are now back up at the time of writing.

But that's just fine: with offline season and training modes, there's still plenty of content to enjoy and unlock, and the downtime at least gives you plenty of time to master the mechanics before taking the plunge online. 

On another note, users have been reporting another Rocket League-related issue that's causing PS4 consoles to overheat. Oddly, this seems to occur when browsing the menus, causing the PS4's fans to operate much faster than necessary – my PS4 sounded like it was having an asthma attack. Probably best not to linger in the menus for too long at this point, then. Psyonix are already on the case, and have been in contact with Sony to resolve the issue.

Have you had any luck connecting online with Rocket League yet?

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