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News Rocket League’s season two is underway with changes


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Rocket League's first ranked season officially ended the other day which enabled season two to begin,

A new player reporting feature has now been implemented in beta form so you can report those spammers or foul language players. The Wasteland map now has improved performance just in time for its inclusion into the ranked playlists. Season 2 also sees the new Rocket Labs playlist added which includes experimental maps.

Season two's ranked play is now known as “Competitive Matchmaking” and rank points have been ditched in favour of your skill rating which will determine which division you will play in. The old Bronze I, II, II, Silver I, II, III, Gold I, II, III and Platinum divisions have now been replaced with 12 new ones, ranging from Unranked right up to Champion.

Additionally, you will now be promoted after your skill “has risen consistently to the next division up”, so you will no longer be at risk of immediate demotion if you've lost a game or two straight after promotion into a higher division which is great. Every player's skill division is now visible from the end-game scoreboard so you can see exactly how good or bad the players you played with or against actually are.

There's no limit on the number of players in the very top Champion division, you only need to meet the skill requirements of the top division to be a part of it (which admittedly is harder said than done!). Season 2 retains the top 100 leaderboards based on player's skill rating, this is true for all the skill divisions as was the case previously.

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