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News Rocket League’s February update brings season 1 rewards


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Rocket League's next update, due in February, will bring an end to season one ranked play by dishing out some goodies.

Psyonix will award players with either bronze, silver, gold or platinum crown toppers depending on the highest division a player has reached in any of the game's ranked playlists. So if you've only reached bronze league in 1 vs 1 ranked matches but have got as high as the gold division in 3 v 3 ranked matches you'll be granted a gold crown topper (even if you only managed to stay in the gold division for a brief period).

Rare items will also be making a reappearance in Rocket League which were last seen in the game's pre-release alpha test. Current default items will be classed as “common” and will be designated a grey background, DLC items will be known as “premium” with a green background and limited edition items as “limited” with an orange background. Finally the rare items will be classed as “uncommon” and will sport a light blue background. These rare items will of course take longer to unlock then the common counterparts.

More information on the update and rare items is due to be announced by Psyonix tomorrow. Help TeamVVV grow by supporting us on Patreon:

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