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News Rocket League receives season 1 update


Kevin Dooley


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Rocket League developer Psyonix have made some changes to the recently introduced season 1 update for the car soccer title.

Preseason MMR and skill “uncertainty” have been restored to how it was previously but with a new minimum uncertainty which Psyonix says will make sure your MMR doesn't stagnate. In real terms this means that matchmaking should be improved, therefore you'll be facing players around your skill level which wasn't necessarily the case when the new season 1 update got introduced.

Furthermore, the rank points algorithm takes into account when you play higher skilled players and dishes out additional RP rewards (or indeed hands out less penalties should you lose). Psyonix will continue to monitor the changes closely to make sure the matchmaking and rank points system are working appropriately and will no doubt provide future tweaks and updates to fine tune these processes as and when needed.

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