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News Rocket League quitters could face reporting and harsher bans


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Rocket League players who quit ranked matches during play could face harsher penalties. Talking to ibtimes recently, Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham stated that the Rocket League dev team are currently looking into other ways to improve the way they handle players who quit games which leave remaining teammates at an unfair disadvantage.

Although Dunham didn't confirm anything yet, he did mention that the team have discussed “everything from increasingly harsh time bans to a player reporting feature”. Dunham then went on to explain that features such as these would take some time to implement as they would need not only to be designed and built but also thoroughly tested before the eventual release. Also considerations for which platform the quitter is playing on and what Psyonix are allowed to do or not need to be taken into account.

Currently players that quit ranked matches are given a temporary 15 minute ban. Also introduced earlier this month was the vote to forfeit option where all players would have to agree to forfeit a match (say if you are 4-0 down for instance) to exit a game safely without a costly penalty.

These measures have helped with reducing the amount of players quitting ranked matches. However, would you like to see harsher bans for quitters?

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