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News Rocket League 1.07 patch released for PC & PS4


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Developer Psyonix have released their very latest patch for Rocket League for both the Playstation 4 and PC versions.

The new 1.07 patch includes just a few tweaks, one of which includes improved UI functions in post-game ranked matches for instance.

Rocket League players can currently earn some Halloween inspired items such as the “Fuzzy Vampire” antenna and “Pumpkin” topper which are available up until November 2. Also. Starting tomorrow, Psyonix are releasing the Back to the Future DeLorean car (as paid DLC) complete with all the time traveling gubbins.

You can view the 1.07 patch changelog below.

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When a player’s Rank Points (RP) are well below average for their hidden matchmaking rating (MMR), bonus RP will be awarded for wins to better “trend” players towards their expected rank.


Improved UI functionality in post-game Ranked matches when receiving unlocks or attempting to chat



Fixed an issue where the ball indicator would not appear in Beckwith Park (Stormy) when Render Detail was set below High Quality

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