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News Road Rash inspired Road Rage delayed to 2017


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The road rash inspired title Road Rage, developed by Team6, has sadly had its release put back to some time next year.

Road rage road rash inspired motorbike motocycle chain and ball weaponThe open-world two-wheeled game was originally on course for a release on November 18 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but has now suffered a delay to 2017. The extra development time will enable Team6 to create the "highest quality motorcycle combat game possible”.

Road Rage is set in the open world city of Ashen which has been taken over by motorbike gang members. You take on the role of the newest recruit of a gang with the goal of becoming club president, no pressure then. Road Rage will feature 42 story missions and 56 side missions which range in style from timed races and delivery missions, to gang brawls and Road Rash-style combat races.

Road Rage is actually the third arcade motorbike racer to suffer from a delay this year with Moto Racer 4 slipping from its original October release into November and Road Redemption saw a delay thanks to some rather unfortunate flooding, its new release date is scheduled for Q2 of 2017. In all honesty it wouldn't surprise us in the least if Moto Racer 4 suffered a further delay too as it did look somewhat unfinished when we got our hands on the title recently.

Publisher Maximum Games has promised to share updates for Road Rage but have not disclosed a new release window yet.

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